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Member Spotlight

Shae Sterrett

HireShae, LLC 

Virtual Assistant / Virtual Business Solutions 

Business Made Easy. Built for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses 

Shae Sterrett is a seasoned sales and marketing professional and entrepreneur.  She built HireShae, a division of Shae Sterrett, LLC to help bring marketing, sales and business solutions to businesses of all sizes, affordably and efficiently.  Her passion is working with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small businesses, and those looking to start a business.  HireShae also offers flexible Virtual Assistant services for businesses and individuals.  HireShae has an extensive portfolio of  services at very affordable prices, PLUS no monthly retainers or minimums, pay as you go, for what you need.  Finally, business, made easy.


As businesses struggle to cope with the impact of COVID-19, Shae is offering the following:

  1. Free 1 hour marketing consultation to help businesses bounce back after the virus
  2. $500 simple websites
  3. $1000 e commerce websites

For a full list of services, visit hireshae.


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